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If your tired of cleaning your blinds the old-fashioned way and basically need therapy by the time you're done, then call Jimmy’s ultrasonic blind cleaning service

...Because if your blinds are not becoming to you...they should be coming to us.

This is an owner operated co I have been doing this since 1997 thousands cleaned hundreds of satisfied customers so you can call me, let’s see what works for you, I’ll pick up and drop off or remove clean and reinstall or you can drop off and pick up SO CALL ME WITH YOUR INFO like the type of blind you have length and width ,brand and color If you have had your lumminettes up for more than 5 years chances are there looking a little stale cleaning them will brighten them up and bring them back to life For example, a 7x8 slider or picture window cleaned and installed would be $225.00 a third of the cost of replacing it When we clean mini blinds, not only does our process clean the vanes of the blind, it also cleans the ladders, wands and, more importantly, it lubricates all the mechanisms in the head rail so that not only does your blind look like new, but it will also operate like new. Mini blinds are.

With the combination of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Technology and Certified Blind Cleaning Technicians, our company enables the cleaning of more than just mini blinds. Jimmys ultrasonic service removes cleans and can reinstall Mini blinds VERTICAL BLINDS, PLEATED AND HONEYCOMB SHADES, SILHOUETTES, LUMMINETTES .

This blind cleaning process is the safest and most thorough known in the cleaning industry. And best of all it’s all done chemical free your window treatments are placed in a warm soapy water bath with 40hrtz of ultrasound witch push out any house dust kitchen grease cigarette smoke sorry no house fires or soot damage sometimes soot on white colors is very difficult if not impossible.