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Silhouettes & Luminettes

Hunter Douglas lumminettes and Silhouettesl, are the only vender of that product, and for quality and cleaning ability they are the best. Some systems use an injection and extraction tool I prefer to immerse the whole sheer in to our ultrasonic soapy water bath and clean the entire shade or sheer. They come out fabulous except for soot, its bad on a white luminnett.

The Ultrasound will certainly diffuse the black but you will still have a gray area on the inside panels which you probably can't notice anyway these are about a two day turnaround. So we pick up and deliver as to not tie people up and spend the day together, we then bring them back by appointment so people can go on with their lives.

This blind cleaning process is the safest and most thorough known in the cleaning industry. And best of all it’s all done chemical free your window treatments are placed in a warm soapy water bath with 40hrtz of ultrasound witch push out any house dust kitchen grease cigarette smoke sorry no house fires or soot damage sometimes soot on white colors is very difficult if not impossible.